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This page shows Professor Shiratori's activities as
President of Japan-Malta Friendship Association.

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Third Japan-Malta Friendship Mission
visits Malta from March 2 to March 7, 2003

Third Japan-Malta Friendship Mission visited Malta Republic from March 2 to March 7 in 2003.
   Mission was consisted by 38 members and headed by Professor Rei Shiratori, President of Japan-Malta Friendship Association. Members of the Mission met H. E. Professor Guido de Marco, President of Malta Republic on March 3.

President Guido de Marco and Prof. Shiratori

(This photograph was taken by K. Komuro)

   President Guido de Marco invited Professor Shiratori and other leading figures of the Mission to his office and discussed Japan's attitude toward Iraq, North-Korean diplomatic decision-making and Chinese foreign policy over 30 minutes. Then he shook hands with all members of the Mission. Members of the Mission were very much honored by warm welcome by President Guido de Marco.

   Members of the Mission visited the tomb of Japanese sailors who died in Malta when they guarded British warships during World War I, and gave flowers.

Grand view of Valletta from Sanglea

   Members of the Mission enjoyed the parade of Carnival in Valletta, and revitalized their friendship with Maltese people.
   Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sammut, President of Friends of Japan in Malta, Mr. and Mrs. Carnel Inguanez, Director of Protocol and Information Matters Directorate of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mizzi, a well-known Maltese journalist, Maj. and Mrs. David Mifsud, Assistant to President, Mr. Laurence Grech, Editor of the Sunday Times, Mr Norbert Attard, internationally known Maltese painter, and others attended Dinner hosted by the Japan-Malta Friendship Association in Corinthia San Gorg Hotel on March 3.

Parade in Carnival

Decoration was slightly Oriental

Professor Shiratori and Maltese-Siamese girls

Human 'bees'

Contest of parades in the city center

   Members of the Mission also visited Gozo and enjoyed prehistoric monuments and beautiful scenery of landscape in the island. They especially liked wonderful five-star hotel L'imgarr, which was situated above the harbor.

The oldest Ggantija Pre-historic Temples in Gozo

Scenery from Citadel

View from the room in L'imgarr Hotel

View from the terrace of L'imgarr Hotel

   All members of the Mission highly appreciated the culture, scenery and the hospitality of Malta Republic.

Rector Roger Ellul-Micallef of Malta Univ. and Prof Shiratori

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