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Japan-Malta Friendship Association
Annual General Meeting

Saturday, October 19, 2002

On October 19, 2002, Japan-Malta Friendship Association held its Annual General Meeting.
   Professor Masahide IIZUKA, Professor of History in the University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo, lectured on "Ancient Religion and Maltese Stone Circles". More than 60 participants gathered and listened to his lecture.
   In the Meeting, Japan-Malta Friendship Association announced to send 'Friendship Mission' to Malta from Saturday, March 1, to Saturday, March 8, in 2003.

Professor IIZUKA

Prof. Masahide IIZUKA lectured in the meeting

Group photo at the meeting

Reception for Mr. and Mrs. Mizzi

In evening on Tuesday, June 26 2002, Japan-Malta Friendship Association held a Welcome Reception for Mr. and Mr. Charles Mizzi, famous journalist in Malta. Mr. Mizzi visited Japan to attend a conference in Okinawa.
     After the introduction of Mr. and Mrs. Mizzi by Mr. Katsumi Yamamoto, Professor Rei Shiratori, President of Japan-Malta Friendship Association addressed "Words of Welcome".
     Message from Mr. Edward Sammut, President of 'Friends of Japan in Malta' was also read.
     Around 30 participants of the reception enjoyed the evening very much.

Shiratori and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mizzi

Prof. Shiratori, Mr. and Mrs. Mizzi, and Mr. Yamamoto

Group photograph at the reception

Friendship Mission Visited Malta

From December 7 to 12 in 1997, Japan-Malta Friendship Association sent its 'Friendship Mission' to the Republic of Malta.
    The mission consisted of 69 members of the Association, and was led by Professor Rei Shiratori, president of the Association, and Mr. Masato Fujii, secretary general. With Mr. Edward Sammut, president of 'Friends of Japan' in Malta, they met H.E. Ugo Mifsud Bonnici, President of Malta, and Dr. Alfred Sant, Prime Minister.
    They also enjoyed nature, culture and hospitality of the people of Malta during their stay in the 'islands of world heritage', Malta. The followings are the pictures taken during the visit.

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Dance at the dinner

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With Prime Minister Alfred Sant

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At Hagar Qim, the oldest construction of mankind

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