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Seminar Classes at Tokai University

Summer Camp in July 2002

Professor Rei Shiratori hosted 'Summer Camp 2002' for student in Tsuga-ike Highland from 29 to 30 in July 2002.
   After dinner, students enjoyed 'Coalition Government Game in Politics' designed by Mr. Masayoshi Kuboya, a post-graduate student in Tokai University, under Professor Shiratori's supervision.

At Tsuga-ike Highland

Students play 'Coalition Government Game'

Students enjoy 'hanabi' (fireworks) after games


Summer Camp in August 2001

Professor Rei Shiratori hosted 'Summer Camp 2001'for students in his classes at Tokai in Ura-Bandai Lake Districts on from August 4 to August 6.
   Photographs bellow are taken on the bank of lakes in Ura-Bandai.

In the backyard of hotel

On the bank of lake 'Ao-numa'

Classes in year 2001/2002

     In academic year 2001/2002, Professor Rei Shiratori teaches lecture and seminar classes for postgraduate students, lecture class on 'Theory and Practice of Politics', and three seminar classes for undergraduate students. The photographs below are sceneries of these classes. 

Seminar class for postgraduate students


Seminar class for 3rd year students


Class for 1st year students

Summer Camp in September 2000

Professor Rei Shiratori host 'Summer Camp 2000' in Hakone lakeside on September 25 and 26. Students enjoyed discussions on politics and played 'Simulation Games of Coalition in Politics' developed by Mr. Masayoshi KUBOYA, a postgraduate student under Professor Shiratori's supervision.

group-1.jpg (40968 バイト)

In the garden at hotel

game-1.jpg (40968 バイト)

Playing simulation games of coalition in politics

group-4.jpg (40968 バイト)

Lunch in the restaurant

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