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"Toward a More Stable Democracy"
('Declaration' issued at the time of establishment
in October, 1975)

It is an important task for us to establish a sound parliamentary democracy in Japan because politics is 'an act of choosing future' which controls the future of Japanese nation.
Fortunately, we were successful in planting parliamentary democracy in Japan for these 30 years since the end of World War II.

When we consider Japanese parliamentary democracy, however, we find several defects in it such as lack of the sense of responsibility held by parties, insufficient capability of policy formation among parties, which were the results of the absence of the change of government between parties in Japanese politics.

At the same time, we face with various problems which require urgent solution such as policy transformation from rapid growth era to welfare implementation era, establishment of urban policies to rescue citizens from urban problems, and the electoral reform which determines the future of Japanese democracy.

Considering the situation at present, we regret the fact that there is no independent research institution in Japan which conducts serious research into fundamental questions in politics such as party, election, local government. This is the reason why we decided to establish 'the Institute for Political Studies in Japan' (IPSJ).

We shall make this new institution as non-partisan, non-profit, and purely academic research institution of Japanese parliamentary democracy, observing the values of both experience of real politics and academic wisdom.
We shall also make maximum efforts to promote international understanding of Japanese politics, considering the lack of the appreciation of Japanese politics in the world.

We would like to contribute to the development of parliamentary democracy in Japan by conducting the above activities.

Members of the Board (September 1, 2008)

President Rei Shiratori (Tokai University)
Managing Director Toshihiko Uji (Tokyo Shimbun Newspaper)
Members of the Board Kazuyoshi Aoki (Nippon University)
Yasuhiro Kashina (NHK)
Hiromitsu Kataoka (Waseda University)
Takeshi Kono (Kyorin University)
Nobuo Sakagami (Matsuzaka University)
Yoji Sakurai (Meiji University)
Hiroshi Shiratori (Hosei University)
Eiji Tominomori (Former Asahi Shimbun Newspaper)
Hideki Tomizawa (Former TV Osaka)
Auditor@ Kyoichi Watanabe (Lawyer)
Secretary General Satoshi Kimura (IPSJ)


1.Theoretical and policy studies of Japanese Politics
2.Activities to promote parliamentary democracy
3.Financial supports toward young political scientists
4.International academic exchange

Institute for Political Studies in Japan (IPSJ)

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