This page shows Professor Shiratori's activities as
Organizer of ISAGA2003 in August 2003.

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The 34th Conference of
International Simulation and Gaming Association (ISAGA)
was held in Kazusa Academia Park in Kisarazu
from August 25 to 29, 2003

The 34th Conference of International Simulation and Gaming Association (ISAGA2003) was held in Kszusa Academia Park in Kisarazu-shi from August 25 to 29 2003. Professor Rei Shiratori served as Chairman of the Organization Committee (Organizer) of the Conference.

Participants in front of Main Hall

   Around 400 researchers from 35 countries participated in the Conference. Main theme of the Conference was "Social Responsibilities and Contributions of Simulation & Gaming." More than 200 papers and presentations were publicized in the Conference.
   Professor Shiratori spoke in the opening Plenary Session in the following way.
   "I believe for all of us gathered here today that it is our social responsibility to help raise Simulation and Gaming research from the level of tools and techniques to one of an established science and academic discipline." 

Over 200 presentations were held

Participants at coffee break

Participants enjoy 'Coalition Government' game

Poster session

Audience at Parallel Session

   Professor Shiratori and Professor Jan Klabbers (Secretary General of ISAGA) was given JASAG Prize for their academic contributions to the development of 'Simulation and Gaming Research.'  He was also elected to be President of ISAGA for the year 2003-2004.

Mr. Tsutomu Hata (Former Prime Minister) and
Professor Jiro Kondo (Former President of SCJ)
with other distinguished guests

Professor Shiratori was given JASAG Prize

Sub-Committee for Organization Reform

   Participants also visited Nikko and enjoyed beautiful buildings of Toshogu Shrine and their gorgeous carvings.

Participants at Nikko (1)

Participants at Nikko (2)

Ladies in front of Kegon water-fall

Student staffs at Conference Dinner

Professor Shiratori with local puppet
at Conference Dinner

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