(ご注意) 薬効性ハーブの使用にあたっては必ず医師にご相談ください。

Our seeds are fresh and ready for delivery. The information listed with the seeds is for general information only and does not reflect any recommendations on the part of this business. Before using any medicinal plant, we strongly recommend you first consult a physician. Our information is based on published works dealing with herb plants, not medical publications. We shall in no way be held responsible for the actions of anyone using our seeds. Our sole responsibility/liability will be to replace seeds that do not germinate. Terms: Herb: Any plant used for making medicine, seasoning or scents. Infusion: A tea made by pouring boiling water over the plant or parts of the plant. Decoction: A drink made by boiling the plant or parts of the plant in water and then straining. The liquid is the decoction. Honey or an aromatic herb is usually added to improve the taste. Aromatic. This refers to herbs that have a pleasant smell or taste. They are often used for potpourri or for adding to other herbs to improve the taste of a decoction. One part aromatic to three parts medicinal herb is usually sufficient. Demulcent: An herb that possesses soothing, mucilaginous qualities which help to relieve any internal irritation such as arrowroot, coltsfoot, comfrey, sassafras pith, and slippery elm. Tincture: A preparation made by soaking an herb in alcohol until the alcohol absorbs the beneficial ingredients of the plant. Compress: A cloth soaked in herbal waters that is applied to painful areas.
H003 Agave. Agave filifera.
A perennial plant that grows in the arid regions of America. It is much used as an ornamental plant and can be raised in containers inside and in greenhouses. The sap of the agave plant has disinfectant properties and can be taken to check the growth of putrefactive bacteria in the stomach and intestines. It is said that water soaked in agave fibers is useful in the treatment of falling hair.
15 seeds $2.25
H008 Alkanet.
Anchusa officinalis. Root decoction has blood cleaning properties. Has been used as a treatment for rabies and as a diuretic.
7 seeds $2.00
H011 AllHeal. Prunella vulgaris.
An infusion is effective medicine for most internal ailments. Also good for external wounds. Extract of plant is said to inhibit HIV virus.
10 seeds $1.95
H015 American Ivy, Wild Woodbine.
Parthenocissus. A woody vine that supports itself on trees ,fences and other surfaces with clinging tendrils. While an excellent health tonic is made from the bark and twigs, it is more commonly used in making a syrup to relieve colds.
8 seeds $1.95
H019 Angelica. Angelica archangelica.
Although angelica is common in meadows and pastures throughout the country, the only one with medicinal values is archangelica. It is very hard to tell this plant apart from its cousin, so be careful where you acquire your source. It is a beautiful garden plant with purple-green leaves and white and pink flowers. An infusion can be made by pouring a pint of water over an ounce of the bruised root. It is said to create an aversion to alcohol. It also relieves flatulence. It has been said to help in cases of delayed menstruation.
20 seeds $1.95
H024 Avens. Geum urbanum.
An infusion of the plant is used to treat diarrhea and indigestion. Once used to flavor ales, it also has merits as an external wound healer.
10 seeds $1.95
H032 Barberry. Berberis vulgaris.
Barberry contains a strong antibiotic that is believed to stimulate the immune system, reduce high blood pressure and even shrink tumors. It is very effective for fighting the germs that cause diarrhea, cholera, urinary tract and vaginal yeast infections. A compress made by soaking a rag in barberry tea is an excellent way of healing pink eye. To make a tea, add a teaspoon of powered root bark to boiling water and let it boil for 30 minutes. You should add an aromatic to improve the taste.
15 seeds $1.95
H039 Bearberry. Arctostaphylos.
A small evergreen shrub found in the U.S. and Europe. The leaves of the plant are used to Astringent, Diuretic and Tonic. A tea made from the leaves is used for bronchitis, nephritis and kidney stones. It may also help where bedwetting is a problem. It should be used in moderation as excessive use can lead to stomach distress and eventually chronic poisoning.
5 seeds $1.95
H045 Belladonna. Atropa.
A powerful herb with many medicinal benefits. Most parts of the plants are considered poisonous and should only be used by trained persons. The plant has been used as a surgical anesthetic and for treating asthma and cardiac disease.
10 seeds $1.95
H048 Bitter Candyturf. Iberis amara.
A very attractive annual for the garden. Its very bitter parts have long been used in homeopathy. Useful for gout, dropsy, rheumatism, asthma, bronchitis and much more.
5 seeds $1.95
H057 BitterSweet/Woody Nightshade.Solanum dulcamara.
A very attractive climbing vine. Used with Chamomile, it is very effective for corns, bruises, and swelling. Used with curled dock, it is effective in curing skin diseases.
20 seeds $2.00
H061 Bishop's Flower. Ammi majus.
An interesting wildflower that resembles a carrot. The root was chewed by North African caravaners to protect themselves fm the sun. It contains 8-methoxypsoralen which stimulates pigment production in skin exposed from ultraviolet light.
25 seeds $1.95
H065 Bitter Gourd. Citrullus colocynthis.
An annual that resembles the common watermelon. Fruits are yellow, the size of an orange with a hard shell. The dried pulp of the fruit contains a powerful hydragogue cathartic. It to be used only by individuals experienced in its use.
4 seeds $1.95
H071 Black Cohosh, Black Snakeroot. Cimicifuga racemosa.
A magnificent plant with white flowers in wand-like racemes that will rise up to 6 ft. above the shiny green leaves. The root is valued for its medicinal properties as an astringent, emmenagogue, diuretic. antidote to poisons, snakebites, etc.
10 seeds $2.00
H075 Black Sampson Coneflower. Echinacea.
This plant has strong antibiotic and immune stimulating properties. The Chinese believe that it is an excellent prevention medicine for severe immune disorders including cancer and AIDS. It has been used for centuries to treat measles, mumps, arthritis, chicken pox, blood poisoning, scarlet fever, ulcers, colds, bladder infections and other infections. Make a decoction by boiling two teaspoons of dried root in a cup of water. Drink a cup twice a day.
10 seeds $1.95
H078 Black Elder. Sambucus nigra.
This herb has long been used to heal hemorrhoid problems. It gives immediate relief. To make a compress, mix the flowers of elder and honeysuckle together and pour boiling milk over them. Let the mixture steep for about 20 minutes. Dip a towel into the mixture and apply to the area of pain. An ointment can be made from the green leaves that is also beneficial to hemorrhoids. Apply the ointment while it is still hot.
5 seeds $1.95
H084 Bladder Senna. Colutea arborescens.
A shrub that is much grown for its decorative appearance. Has bladder like seed pods that go off with a bang when pressed. The leaves are used to make an infusion to induce vomiting. 15 seeds $1.95 Blazing Star. Liatris aspera. Plant has showy rose-purple flowers. A decoction made from the plant is said to cure gonorrhea.
5 seeds $1.95
H088 Blood Flower. Asclepias currassavica.
A cousin to the Swamp milkweed plant. The stem produces a milky substance that when used as a poultice is said to be effective in removing warts.
10 seeds $2.00
H091 Brown Cotton. Gossypium.
The bark of this beautiful plant has been used as a abortifacient. The stunning brown firbes of this well known southern plant makes it a must for every garden.
5 seeds (only one order per customer as seeds are in very short supply.
H093 Cancer Wintergreen. Gaultheria.
A woody evergreen with edible berries. The fresh fruit is said to remove cancerous taint from the system. A very attractive plant that does well in any garden.
10 seeds $1.95
H099 Canahuate. Costus.
A strange plant from Ecuador with twisting stalks to 6 ft. tall and pretty 4" flowers. Bears fruit that attracts birds. The stems are squeezed to make a tasty juice that is used for kidney ailments.
6 seeds $1.95
H104 Catsfoot. Antennaria dioica.
An unusual plant that also makes a good houseplant. Its petite, woolly rosettes of leaves do resemble a cat's foot. Has long been used to stimulate bile flow, gastric juices and pancreatic secretions.
5 seeds $2.50
H107 Chamomile. Anthemis nobilis.
A very pretty wildflower with stems that creep along the surface. They root wherever they touch the ground, forming loose clusters. It is often referred to as Earth Apple because of its apple scent. A tea made from the leaves is very good for digestion. It has long been used as a cure for children's diarrhea. The pleasant smelling tea also makes a great insect repellent. Simply splash some on before going outside and the bugs will leave you alone.
100 seeds $1.95
H111 Chickweed. Stellaria media.
A plant whose leaves are boiled and eaten like spinach. Very high in vitamin C. The infusion from this plant is used for sores, skin affections and blood disorders.
20 seeds $1.95
H116 Chinese Milkvetch. Astragalus .
One of the most often used Chinese medicinals. It fortifies the spleen, kidneys, liver and endocrine system. It is said to lower blood pressure and improve circulation.5 seeds $2.50
H119 Chinese Wolfberry. Lycium.
A graceful shrub that bears large edible berries. The leaves are also edible when fresh and used in salads. A wine is made from the fruit that is said to prolong life.
2 seeds $1.95
H126 Christmas Rose, Black Hellebore. Helleborus niger.
A plant found growing wild in Europe and being introduced as a garden plant in America. Extracts from the plant are used to treat the heart as well as depression, mania, epilepsy and skin problems. This plant should only be used under the direction of a physician.
5 seeds $1.95
H135 Clary. Salvia sclarea.
The seeds soaked in water will produce a mucilaginous eye bath that will safely remove particles. An attractive plant for the flower garden, it has beautiful, fragrant flowers. Has also been used as a potpourri fixative.
5 seeds $1.95
H148 Closed Gentian. Gentiana andrewsii.
The root of this plant makes the American Gentian. The root makes a bitter root that has many medicinal uses. Seeds are very slow to germinate.
20 seeds $1.95
H157 Comfrey. Symphytum officinale.
Considered by some herbalist's to be the most powerful healing agent in the world. It is an attractive plant that grows to four ft. and prefers damp soil. Comfrey ointment heals almost any kind of sore, bruise or abrasion. A tincture made of Comfrey works just as well. Powdered comfrey root is used in healing fractures. Also very helpful in healing burns. A tea made from dry leaves is helpful for internal ailments.
4 seeds $2.00
H167 Carob Tree. Ceratonia.
A beautiful small tree from the Mediterranean coasts. A decoction made from the leaves and bark is most useful in healing syphilis and venereal diseases. The decoction seems to have a soothing effect on epilepsy.
5 seeds $1.95
H175 Common Teasel. Dipsacus sylvestris.
A hardy biennial with pale lilac flowers. The bases of the leaves are joined around the stem to form a cup that catches rainwater. This water has been said to remove warts and has been used as a cosmetic and eyewash.
25 seeds $1.95
H181 Creosote Bush. Larrea tridentata.
A deep green resinous shrub that is aromatic. The buds of the plant can be pickled like capers and a valuable medicinal tea is made from the leaves.
10 seeds $1.95
H188 Creeping Thyme. Thymus serpyllum.
A small relative of the Thyme plant. A tonic from this plant is good for the stomach and nerves. A decoction added to bath water stimulates the flow of blood to the surface and relieves nervous tension. An infusion is said to relieve the pains and headaches of a hangover.
25 seeds $1.95
H193 Culver's Physic, Culver's Root. Veronicastrum .
A very beautiful garden plant with showy flowers and whorled leaves. The American Indians used the dried roots of the plant to induce sweating, as a diuretic and as a laxitive.
10 seeds $1.95
H204 Devil's Nettle. Achillea var. m.
A beautiful flower plant for the rock garden. A tea made from this herb is useful for stomach ailments. The tea is also good for severe colds and a decoction of the whole plant is good for bleeding piles. The tea is made by boiling 1 ounce of dried leaves with one pint of water and sweetening with honey. A hardy perennial.
12 seeds $1.95
H211 Downy Hawthorn. Crataegus mollis.
The berries from this tree make an excellent remedy for preventing and relieving heart disease. Dry berries and crush into powder. Add 1 teaspoon to 1 cup water. Bring to a boil and let steep for 15 minutes. Consult your physician before incorporating hawthorn into your diet. The hawthorn bush makes an attractive ornamental shrub.
10 seeds $1.95
H217 Dragonhead. Dracocephallum
A beautiful plant with fragrant flowers and scented leaves. Used widely in Chinese medicine.
20 seeds. $1.95
H225 Dwarf Stinging Nettle. Urtica unens.
A perennial plant found growing wild all over the world. Grows from 2-7 ft. tall. The bristly hairs of the plant act as a hypodermic, injecting an irritant substance under the skin when touched. A decoction of the root makes an external treatment that when applied to the scalp is said to treat baldness. A decoction of the plant is good for diarrhea. Dwarf Nettle is said to be helpful for rheumatic problems and colds.
15 seeds $1.95
H230 Dyers Broom. Genista tinctoria
Used since ancient times to dye sheep wool a bright yellow, it also has been used to treat rheumatism and gout.
10 seeds $2.00
H236 Earth Almond. Cyperus esculentus satuvus.
An ornamental perennial growing to 8 ft. that produces sweet nutty tubers. They are eaten raw, made into a drink or roasted and used as a coffee substitute. The Zulu chewed them to relieve digestion and cure bad breath. They are highly thought of as delicacies in Europe.
5 seeds $1.95
H240 Ephedra/Mormon's Tea. Ephedra nevadensis
A striking plant with foliage resembling the horsetail plant. Makes a wonderful tasting tea that contains traces of ephedrine, a nerve stimulant resembling adrenaline. Can be used as a tonic as it improves kidney action and is said to relieve asthma.
5 seeds $2.50
H246 European Cranberry. Viburum opulus.
This plant has properties that excel in clearing up urinary tract infections. It produces a mysterious substance that makes disease carrying bacteria less likely to cling to cells. It is most potent when the berries are dried, crushed into a powder and then made into a tea. The plant is a low growing attractive shrub that is hardy in all zones.
10 seeds $1.95
H251 Evening Primrose. Oenothera biennis.
An annual plant found in dry meadows and along roadsides. Has lemon scented yellow flowers. An infusion of the plant has stimulating effect on the liver, spleen and digestive system. Has often been used to treat mental depression.
20 seeds $1.95
H258 False Hellebore. Adonis aestivalis. Pheasant's Eye, Red Morocco, Sweet Vernal.
A graceful plant growing about a foot tall with brilliant scarlet and black blossoms. If given in the form of an infusion, it can be used in the place of digitalis when digitalis fails as it is about ten times as strong. It should only be used when digitalis fails and there is no other choice.
20 seeds $1.95
H264 Fenugreek. Trigonella foenum.
An annual plant that is widely cultivated for its medicinal properties. A decoction made from the seeds is give to strengthen those suffering from tuberculosis or recovering from an illness. Also used as an aphrodisiac. As a poultice, it has many uses.
20 seeds $1.95
H271 Feverfew. Chrysanthemum parthenium.
This plant is a must for anyone suffering from migraine headaches. It will not cure migraines, but as long as the herb is taken regularly it will keep them from coming back. Fever few inhibit blood clotting and is beneficial for persons with cardiovascular diseases. Take after consulting with a physician. Make a tea by boiling two teaspoons of dried leaves per cup of water and let steep for 15 minutes.
15 seeds $1.95
H283 Figwort. Scrophularia nodosa
A tincture made from this plant is said to be good for bruises, rashes, minor wounds and skin problems.
10 seeds $1.95
H314 Gipsywort. Lycopus europaeus
The name comes from gypsies using the plant to make a dye to darken their hair. Also makes a good wool dye. Has been used to treat palpitations of the heart.
10 seeds $1.95
H325 Great Chelidonium. Chelisonium.
A sturdy biennial often grown in the rock garden reaching 4 ft. A poultice made from the plant is said to remove warts. An infusion is said to heal sore eyes.
20 seeds $1.50
H348 Gum Plant. Grindelia robusta
Efficacious for coughs, colds and bronchial irritations. Also makes a good wash for Poison Ivy, burns, rashes and blisters.
5 seeds $2.50
H357 Heartsease. Viola tricolor.
Widely used in England, this is a very attractive garden plant with slightly fragrant lavender, yellow and purple flowers. Used for love potions and medicinally for dropsy, respitory and eye problems.
10 seeds $1.95
H375 Hedge Woundwort. Stachys sylv.
The poultice made from the leaves of this perennial is effective for the aid of swollen lymph-nodes.
10 seeds $1.95
H396 Horse Gram, Twin Flower.
An attractive vine with sweet pea like flowers. It is grown as a valued cattle fodder, green manure and is good for erosion control. Seeds are used as a lecithin source in blood work.
10 seeds $1.95
H423 Indian Arrowroot. Euonymus.
A small tree growing to 6 ft. with smooth bark and purple tinged leaves and purple flowers. A decoction made from the bark will stimulate the appetite and flow of gastric juices. Also good for liver disorders. To make the decoction, use one ounce dry crushed bark per pint of water.
15 seeds $1.95
H431 Inulin. Helenium.
An attractive plant reaching 6 ft. tall with leaves 2 ft. in length and flower heads deep yellow in color and 4" across. The entire plant is rich in inulin.
10 seeds $1.95
H447 Japanese Bitter Orange. Poncirus trifoliata.
A type of orange plant that is hardy even in the North. The fruits are not edible as they are too bitter, however they are raised for their intense orange aroma and medicinal qualities. A bowl of fruit will fill a room with their intense fragrance. Also bears fragrant flowers.
4 seeds $1.95
H475 Lamb's Quarters, Dirty Dick, Pigweed, Fat Hen. Chenopodium album.
An annual that can grow to 10 ft. It is often raised as greens. The green leaves contain 10,000 I.U. of vitamin A per 100 grams.
50 seeds $1.95
H483 Lion's Ear's. Leonotis leonurus.
Not much known about this showy plant except that is was a favorite medicinal plant of the Zulu and that the leaves can be smoked in place of tobacco with soothing effects. A good tub plant that has large bright orange tubular flowers.
3 seeds $1.95
H500 Love Apple. Solanum aculeatissimum
An unusual shrub bearing 2" orange fruits. The powdered roots are used in India to treat toothache. Burning seeds produce a smoke that is said to relieve nose ulcers. Some parts of the plant are used in the production of steroids. 5 seeds $1.95
H512 Madar. Calotropis gigantea
A plant from India whose bark is used to treat dysentery, skin diseases, fevers, colds, and asthma. Very attractive rose-purple flowers.
3 seeds $2.00
H521 Marsh Mallow. Althaea officinalis.
This plant is commonly used throughout France as a remedy for sore throats and as a laxative. An ointment made from the root will help heal any type of sore. It is believed that an infusion made from the leaves will benefit sufferers of cystitis and urinary tract infections. The raw root can be pared and chewed to relieve sore throat and coughs. The leaves and roots can be cooked and eaten and are said to be a immune system stimulant. The plant is a hardy perennial that bears lovely one inch wide flowers that are edible.
20 seeds $1.95
H530 Mayweed. Matricaria chamomilla.
A gorgeous plant with fern-like foliage and white daisy-like flowers. The leaves make a relaxing bed-time tea.
50 seeds $1.95
H540 Meadowsweet. Filipendula ulmaria.
An herbal answer to aspirin that will not upset the stomach. An infusion made by steeping two teaspoons of dried leaves in a cup of water for 15 minutes can relieve discomfort due to fever, respiratory problems and arthritis. This infusion should not be given to children. The plant has very fragrant leaves that made a delicious herbal tea that is good for headaches. A hardy perennial that grows 4-6 ft.
15 seeds $1.95
H550 Medico Alfalfa. Medicago sativa.
This strain of alfalfa can be made into a tea by placing two teaspoons of dried leaves in a cup of boiling water and soaking for 15 minutes. This tea is used to treat arthritis, boils, digestive disorders, urinary tract infections and bowel disorders. The chlorophyll in this brew will also dispatch of bad breath. Eating the sprouts in salads is also very beneficial.
Small pack. $1.95
H575 Mentha. piperita and viridis.
The familiar spearmint and peppermint are derived from these herbs. A much preferred aromatic. A tea is prepared by pouring boiling water over fresh or dried leaves and a pinch of bicarbonate of soda. Let steep for 15 minutes. It will relieve headaches, menstrual cramps, indigestion and rheumatic pains. The plants are a hardy perennial.
25 seeds $1.95
H585 Monkshood. Aconite.
A very powerful diuretic and diaphoretic are made from the dried roots of this plant. As this root can be very poisonous, we sell only to herbalists who are familiar with its use.
10 seeds $1.95
H595 Mugwort. Artemisia vulgaris.
A tall growing plant reaching 3 ft. or more. Often used to flavor drinks. An infusion made from dried roots at a rate of 1 ounce of herb to one pint of water makes a stimulating tonic for tired blood. Doses should be 1/2 teaspoon while still warm. The infusion is also helpful for palsy, fits and epileptic affections.
20 seeds $1.95
H612 Nutmeg Flower, Black Cumin.
Nigella sativa. A very pretty and aromatic plant with large blue flowers. Has a lemon-carrot scent and is placed among clothes to repel insects. Has many medicinal uses.
10 seeds $1.95
H630 Pearly Everlasting. Anaphalis margaritacea.
A woolly perennials that are excellent for dried everlasting. A decoction of the plant is said to lessen sexual desire. Has been used as a tobacco substitute.
15 seeds $1.95
H643 Pleurisy Root, Butterfly Weed.
A handsome fleshy-rooted plant growing to 2 ft. high. The root is powdered to make and infusion that relieves pleurisy, colic and indigestion. It is also helpful with diarrhea, dysentery and acuterheumatism. The infusion is made using 1 teaspoon powder to one cup of water.
5 seeds $1.95
H650 Poison Hemlock. Conium maculatum.
Caution!, all parts of this plant is poisonous and is to be handled by adults familiar with its use. It is used to make a sedative for nervous conditions. Also used to make an insecticide for aphids and blowflies.
4 seeds $2.00
H660 Poor Man's Weatherglass. Anagallis arvensis.
An interesting plant whose flowers are sensitive to weather changes and will close up when rain threatens. An infusion made of the entire plant is said to help mental disorder and in the prevention of pulmonary consumption. A tincture is said to be good for relieving irritations of the urinary tract.
10 seeds $1.95
H672 Prince's Plume. Polygonum orientale.
A tall annual to 6 ft. with bright pink or rose flowers. Easily grown. The roasted seeds are said to work like a tonic when chewed.
5 seeds $1.95
H684 Psyllium. Plantago psyllium
A popular remedy for constipation. The mucilaginous seed coat lubricate and cleanse the intestines, acting as a mild laxative.
10 seeds $1.95
H701 Purple Dead-Nettle. Lamium purpureum
Attractive plant that attracts bees and has many medicinal uses. This nettle does not sting. Has purple tinged foliage. Used to stop hemorrhages and to induce sweating.
5 seeds $2.00
H703 Purple Throatwort. Trachelium.
A beautiful plant with lacy, fragrant flowers. Long used for throat problems.
10 seeds $1.95
H711 Radiant Cornflower. Centaurea jacea.
A small annual bearing 1 1/2 in. purple flowers. Very easy to grow. A poultice made from these plants is very good for bruises.
10 seeds $1.95
H725 Red Clover. Trifolium pratense.
Red Clover has long had a reputation as a cancer fighter. The plant contains large amounts of tocopherol, a potent antioxidant form of vitamin E that has been shown to prevent tumor formation in animal studies. It may also provide effective relief for menopausal symptoms as elements of the plant behave like estrogen. A tea can be made by boiling three teaspoons of dried flower tops per cup of water and steeping 15 minutes. Drink 3 cups a day.
Small Pack $1.95
H741 Roman Chamomile. Anthemis nobilis.
A strongly aromatic plant that has many medicinal uses. An infusion made from one ounce of flowers to one pint of water makes a soothing tonic that is said to calm hysterical and nervous affections in women. It will cut short an attack of delirium tremens in the early stage. Also effective against diarrhea.
100 seeds. $1.95
H748 Rupturewort. Herniaria glabra.
A striking plant from Europe with deep green leaves and clusters of green flowers. It was once said that a powdered extract of the plant taken with wine would cure rupture.
10 seeds $1.95
H757 Russian Mulberry. Morus.
A handsome tree growing to 30 ft. with loads of delicious berries. Fresh fruits are good for afflictions of the mouth. A strong wine made from the fruits is very good for the blood. Write for wine recipe.
20 seeds $1.95
H760 Scullcap. Scutellaria.
A hardy perennial from Ireland growing to 18" with profusions of violet blue flowers. It is an important Chinese medicine that is prescribe for fevers, colds, hypertension, insomnia, headaches, hepatitis, diphtheria, shingles and more.
5 seeds $2.50
H775 Russian Licorice. Glycyrrhiza echinata.
This plant is the source of the famous Russian Licorice. It has far too many medicinal values to be listed in these pages. Consult a good herbal book for uses.
10 seeds $1.95
H780 Sage Brush. Artemisia.
This is the sage brush you have seen in the western movies. A rounded shrub bearing very aromatic leaves. Has several medicinal attributes.
20 seeds $1.95
H790 Silverbush, Coast Laburnum, Samandua. Sophora tomentosa.
Handsome shrub to 6 ft. with 12" long racemes of inch long yellow flowers. The seeds are used to make a very good nicotine-like insecticide.
10 seeds $1.95
H803 Slippery Elm. Ulmus rubra, parviflora.
Elm bark has been used since ancient times as a cure all. The bark is dried and ground up. It can then be mixed with water to make a compress for wounds or a tea can be made by boiling two teaspoons of dried bark per cup of water. The tea relieves sore throats, diarrhea, ulcers and common ailments. The tree makes an attractive lawn tree.
15 seeds $1.95
H812 Smooth Alder. Alnus.
An attractive lawn shrub. A decoction of the bark is said to heal syphilis and hemorrhages.
15 seeds $1.95
H830 Snapdragon. Antirrhinum.
A moisture loving plant with tuberous roots. A decoction made from the roots is very effective against gonorrhea and Blight's disease.
10 seeds $1.95
H842 St. Mary's Milk Thistle. Silybum marianum.
The boiled flower heads of this plant are said to increase milk supply in nursing mothers.
10 seeds $1.95
H848 St. John's Wort. Hypericum.
A beautiful herbaceous perennial growing 1-3 ft. in almost any type soil. Has bright, cheerful flowers from June to August. Has been used medicinally for treatment of urine problems, diarrhea, hysteria, depression, hemorrhages, jaundice and more.
10 seeds $2.50
H855 Strawberry Tree. Arbutus.
A beautiful evergreen tree that is very attractive. The strawberry shaped fruits make a stimulating wine.
10 seeds $1.95
H870 Sweet Clover Melilot.
Used medicinally to prevent blood clotting and for poultices and salves. Also said to useful in treating arthritis and rheumatism.
20 seeds $2.00
H874 Syrian Rue. Peganum harmula.
An erect woody plant reaching 2' with finely divided leaves and small white flowers. Used in Egypt to make an aphrodisiac and also known to have narcotic values.
5 seeds $1.95
H878 Trovadora Flower. Tecoma stans.
A shrub discovered deep in Mexico. Has fragrant trumpet shaped yellow flowers. The flowers are bruised and placed in the ear for earache.
4 seeds $1.95
H880 Valerian. Valeriana off.
A beautiful garden plant, it has medicinal qualities used to relieve pain, nervous conditions, migraines, and insomnia. The roots of the plant are ground and used as medicine.
10 seeds $2.00
H882 Vervain. Verbena off.
An herb of great history. It once was used by sorcerers and reported to be a great aphrodisiac. It has beautiful lilac flowers and will accent any garden. Has a very long germination period.
10 seeds $1.95
H883 Vitex. Vitex negundo.
A magnificent garden plant, it blooms profusely all summer attracting bees and butterflies. The plants can achieve a height of 10 ft. or more. Plants are used medicinally to relieve headaches, dizziness, colds and mental problems.
10 seeds $2.00
H885 Viper's Bugloss. Echium vulgare.
A showy plant covered with prickly hairs. An infusion made from 1 ounce of dried leaves to one pint of water makes a good cordial that relieves headaches and nervous complaints and alleviates fevers. The plant is said to be an expeller of poisons and venoms and could even cure a viper's bite, hence the name.
5 seeds $1.95
H901 Wattle Bark. Acacia decurrens.
The bark of this beautiful tree is used to make a decoction that is useful for diarrhea, sore throats and as a gargle. Even without its medical properties, this tree should be in everyone's yard for its ornamental value.
10 seeds $1.95
H909 Wild Yam. Dioscorea villosa.
An herbaceous vine of rapid growth to about 10 ft. It makes a good screening plant with its glossy, heart shaped leaves. The attractive winged seed pods are useful in floral work. The ground roots of the plant are said to relieve most female complaints and it is very calming to the nerves.
4 seeds $2.25
H919 Witch Hazel. Hamamalis.
The bark, leaves and twigs of this beautiful garden tree yields the witch hazel of pharmacy use. The extract contains substances which tend to constrict the blood vessels with the effect of preventing bleeding. The leaves turn yellow in fall and yellow flowers are also present.
12 seeds $1.95
H931 Wild Anise. Pimpinella anisum.
A tea made from crushed anise seeds is said to help respiratory problems such as bronchitis by clearing mucus from the air passages. It is also believed to promote milk production in nursing mothers. The seeds also contain the chemical photanethole which is similar to the female hormone estrogen. The effects of this chemical helps relieve the discomfort of menopause. To make the tea, crush one teaspoon of seeds and place in a cup of boiling water. Steep for 20 minutes.
100 seeds $1.95
H954 Wood Betony. Stachys officinalis.
A hardy perennial to three ft. with deep purple flowers. A tea made from the leaves is said to be effective against depression and despair.
10 seeds $1.95
H966 Yellow Bedstraw, Cheese Rennet. Galium verum.
A pretty trailing perennial with yellow flowers. A decoction of the leaves mixed with wine is said to be a remedy for rupture, rheumatism and dropsy.
20 seeds $1.95
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